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Game Specifications:
Client Version: 107
Extention type: .exe
File size: 24MB
Note: The game can be played on a windows platform only.

Since the file is relatively new, it is possible your antivirus may not trust the file. Do not worry however, my intentions are your amusement only.

Latest Updates:

    Client 107:

  • Improved quest dialogues
  • Free To Play
  • Lock 1-6 effect buttons
  • Lock magic/buff skills until fixed
  • block movement while typing panel open
  • Melee skill panel more visible
  • Improved Chatbox
  • Ability to talk with other players
  • Multiplayer functions added, can see other players in game
  • Major file-size decrease
  • “Under the hood” updates
  • Added chat commands such as /return
  • Tutorial Improved

Expected Updates:

    Short Term:

  • New Quests
  • New Monsters
  • New Locations
  • New Bosses
  • Updated Multiplayer Functions
  • New Quests
  • Shops
  • Armor Enhancement
  • Magic Skills
  • New monsters, bosses and quests

Earlier Updates:

    Client 106:

  • “Under the hood” updates to prepare for multiplayer functions

Client 105:

  • Improved quest dialogues
  • Expanded trial zone to make people more interested to buy the rest
  • Melee skill panel more visible
  • Draggable game window in minimised mode
  • block movement while typing panel open
  • Warning for not-working magic/buff skills until fixed
  • Client 104:

  • Added New Monsters
  • Clotting prevention script for monsters included
  • New Items available
  • Pickup item using ‘J’ improved
  • New Quest Available
  • New Weapon
  • Improved Saving Methods
  • Client 103:

  • Game Download Link Fixed
  • Ability to skip introduction
  • Skills now also work on the first boss
  • Background errors fixed
  • Level Up Notification
  • Flashing Buttons when it’s content is to be upgraded (eg stat points)
  • Earlier clients:

  • Enhanced Interactivity in the menu
  • Introduction Story
  • Allowed player to pick up item without using the mouse
  • Skills Included
  • Sound Effects included
  • Automated user data saving (every 2 minutes)
  • Inventory autosorting algorithm finetuned
  • Login/Logout script completed
  • Created Guardian Towers for <game>
  • Boss Created
  • Created the First Monsters
  • Added Maps
  • Added Town
  • Created Monsters
  • Created User Interface
  • Rendonan has been awarded 500 SEK for winning the 2nd prize for Best Creation at the UF M�ssan G�vleborg, Sweden 2012

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