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Music Created by Teun Kokke

Rendonan contains a variation of loops that are played throughout the game. The average length of these loops is roughly estimated 15 seconds in order to save memory and keep the game file compact.
More music and complete songs have been created by me however, and so here are a few of my best rated projects. Some of them are “remixes” which I draw out by simply hearing a song and then putting this into notes.
The order of the songs displayed from top to bottom on this page are well thought of, and will guide you through a variety of different music styles. Enjoy listening to them one by one and hopefully you are able to connect the underlying explanation with the song itself. Thank you for your interest!

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In the following song I was hugely inspired by the sounds of nature. I combined several elements such as wind as synth, thunder as bass and water as calmth. Due to this inspiration I decided to call the song by “Weather Waves”, reflecting the sound in nature.

In the images above are some backstage screenshots.

Not only do I compose digitally, but I play music on the piano as well. The following song is called Leaves in the wind by Isaac Shepard

The song above is a remix of the song “Sadness and Sorrow” used in the anime Naruto. The sounds (plugins) that were used are modified in order to fit the scene.

Talking about modified plugins, in this song, which all of probably already recognised from the game Tetris, I used a 3x oscillator generator in order to create the typical tetris sound.

The song above is called “Toxic” and consists of only one single melody track. With this I practiced balancing the sounds continuously in order to make the listener curious what will happen next, such as working towards a climax.

Silence can be golden, and even though the song above practically sound, it seems to make things more quiet than without any sound at all. The song I believe can be perfectly used in some gloomy/dreamy/sad scene in a movie. “Dreaming” by Teun Kokke

Perhaps a rather bewildering song that builds pressure and can strengthen a moment or scenario in a game, which, along with the special effects happening in the background, makes the song a perfect candidate for a game.

Tired of the strange songs? The song above should help you come back to yourself again. Me, playing the song “To Zarnakand” from Final Fantasy on the piano. Enjoy!

The very same day I got this new “toy”, I created the following song: Pressure – Teun Kokke. Can you hear my excitement in the song?

This song is created after listening the song “Adagio for Strings” (remix by Dj Tiësto) and “Airbase” by Genie many times in a row. The result appeared to be a combination of both, plus my personal perceptions and ideas.

The song above is actually not much special, but I personally adore it. I have been having hard days studying back in Holland, and somehow it seemed much more nice to study with this music endlessly looping in the background, which I then did to the limit. I have been hearing this loop over and over for literally hours in a row due to its passive- and calmness.

Last but not least, again me playing the piano, this time I made a wild improvisation out of thin air. Trust me, I could have continued for hours, only if i didnt have to cough in the end that would ruin the entire recording. I therefore had to cut the song after about 15 minutes of playing.

Rendonan has been awarded 500 SEK for winning the 2nd prize for Best Creation at the UF M�ssan G�vleborg, Sweden 2012

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