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Blocks – The Game

This is merely a demo using the platform movement script of an old project. Perhaps I will upload the actual version later.

Snake HD

This is a game I created several years ago (April 2010). It is based on the classic game Snake, but with a refreshing new look, effects, and can even be played with 2 people!
Play in browser

Snake HD Info page Download as .exe

Snake HD Info page Download as .rar

File Size: 9MB

Reading Analytics App

To those that read and want to actually visualise their progress in the form of a progress bar, estimate the time required to finish their book, estimate the average time required to read one page, and the time it will take to read the entire book from beginning to end, I have created the following app.

Open in browser

Reading Analytics Download exe Download as .exe

Reading Analytics Download rar Download as .rar

File Size: 2.6MB

Reading Statistics App

What’s in it
- A timer that displays for how long you’re reading
- A display that shows at which page you are and how many pages the book has
- Your progress percentage, visually and in text form.
- Time / Page ratio, showing your average time required to read one page
- Time / Percent ratio, showing your average time required to proceed by 1 percent
- Expected finishing time, showing how long it will take before your book ends
- Estimated Total Reading Time, orso, predicts how long it will take to read the book in total

Enchanted Cave

This game has been in the back of my mind when working on Rendonan. The same idea of conflict between the player and the game itself can be found.

Link and Screenshots will be added later!

Rendonan has been awarded 500 SEK for winning the 2nd prize for Best Creation at the UF M�ssan G�vleborg, Sweden 2012

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