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This guide will include information for both how to get the game and how to play it.

How to get the game?

In order to download the game, you have to go to the following link: Download The Game!
Extract the file in a folder where you would like to have it stored.
If you receive a message saying the file appears to be “corrupt”, this means the download has been unsuccesful. This only happens sometimes (usually only the first time, if it happens at all), so simply downloading it again usually does the trick. The problem is (was) most likely your firewall.

If your anti-virus does not trust the file, remember my intentions are for your amusement only. The file does not contain any harmful code.

In order to log in to the game when downloaded, you will also have to register your own account.
This can be done here: Register Your Account!

After filling in the form, you will receive an e-mail which allows you to confirm your account.
This e-mail will also contain payment details in order to unlock the full game for your account.
Do remember to include your accountname in the payment description.

You can now play the game with your account, either in trail or fully unlocked mode.

Within the game

The game contains both platform and top-down elements, but the steering metods are alike.

Keyboard Settings:
W, A, S, D (recommended) or the arrow keys in order to move around.
K can be used to jump in both the platform and top-down.
J is used as main interaction key. You can attack, pick up items (when close enough) and talk with NPC with it.
H triggers the skills you have selected in your melee skill menu.
U / I are used to scroll from one melee skill to the other (U scrolls left, I scrolls right).
P / Escape opens the menu. This allows you to quicksave the game, adjust the volume, get game help and quit the game.
C, V, B, N, M can be used as shortcuts for the menu buttons. They are in the same order as the buttons on the menu.
F1 shows you the keys used to play the game. You have to hold it in order to see its content. You’re ready to continue when F1 is released again.
F4 allows you to leave full-screen mode. For better gameplay it is suggested you don’t use this.
Enter enables you to use the chatbox. This will get more functions later on.

Mouse Settings:
Mouse Left Button is used in combination with your inventory in order to select and drag items.
Mouse Right Button can be used to pick up items from the ground on distant range and for activating items in your inventory.

The User Interface
Rendonan has an ingame time which is shown on the clock. Monsters may respond differently during different times, and it even turns dark at night.
The Character Menu (shortkey ‘C’) contains your character information. Here you can for instance upgrade your stat points and manage your equipment.
The Skill Menu (shortkey ‘V’) displays your melee skills. It can be scrolled through using the buttons on the left and right side of the menu.
The Inventory/Bag Menu (shortkey ‘B’) contains the items you possess. Use your mouse in order to manage your inventory.
The Quest Menu (shortkey ‘N’) works as guide for your quests. Just like the skill menu, this can be scrolled through using the buttons on the sides.
The map (shortkey ‘M’) shows which map you are currently in.
The Main Menu (shortkey ‘P’ / ‘Escape’) opens the main menu where you can change the system settings and quit the game.

The green bar indicates your HP (health) percentage.
The blue bar indicates your SP (stamina) percentage.
The white bar indicates your EXP (experience) percentage.

You gain EXP by killing monsters and completing quests.
When you run low on HP or SP you can use a potion which can be obtained from monster drops.
Skills will cost SP, getting hit by monsters will cost you HP.

Quest starts can be noticed by the question mark (?) on NPC (usually located in towns).
An exclamation mark (!) indicates you have a quest to be updated when you talk to the NPC.
A tripple dots mark (. . .) sign indicates that you are currently working on a quest by the NPC.

Game Trailer || Register to Game

Rendonan has been awarded 500 SEK for winning the 2nd prize for Best Creation at the UF M�ssan G�vleborg, Sweden 2012

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