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Story Compilation
Once upon a time, there was a guy that was always dreaming away. In his mind he always lived in a dreamworld. He never looked at the real world as it was, and maybe he never would. Something strange happened that entirely changed his life, forever. The dreamworld he had forever lived in, started to distort the real world. His imagination became reality, and reality became fantasy. He ended up dangerously hurt by his trip into his fantasy and was found by an inhabitant of a town called Rendonan. The inhabitants of this town were surprised by his mysterious arrival and started to gossip. Apparently their town has forever been at war with monsters from the outside world. As they believed he also came from the outside world, they did not know if they could trust him or not. So they decided to test him. They had to train him and test his loyalty and hope for the best.
The story is built on fantasy and reality. The main character has always wanted to actually live in his fantasy world, however once there he noticed that this world is not as easy as he thought it would be. He started to miss his family, relatives, friends and his beloved girlfriend. Instead, he wants to return to the real world again.

Rendonan has been awarded 500 SEK for winning the 2nd prize for Best Creation at the UF M�ssan G�vleborg, Sweden 2012

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